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Are You Bold, Brave or Ballsy?

Leading Voices, FRANKIE PICASSO and ALEX OKOROJI invite YOU to join 21 Unstoppable Women & Co – Authors of the Book – I Bared My Chest in a global challenge.

  • WHAT?: I Bared My Chest Challenge
  • WHO?: All Bold, Brave & Ballsy Women and Men from around the world
  • WHERE?: Online via Video
  • WHY?: To Empower YOU to Bare your Chest, s we raise AWARENESS for the book’s global mission – to donate $1 Million to Several Organisations on ground – around the world aiding and empowering women and men to have a voice and have their freedom.
  • WHEN?: Starts 31st July 2017 . – September 31 October 2017
  • HOW?: Record a Video


YOU have to be either BOLD, BRAVE or BALLSY or Be an ALL Round BBB Triple Threat.

Pick one, two or All three options…

#1) I’m Bold– (Show) the world –

a Flaw..your big forehead, a scar, birthmark, stretch-marks something that you don’t like showing the world.

Goal: Revealing it helps you accept your imperfection.

#2) I’m Brave – (Tell) the world –

It’s OK.. You can tell the world..we will support you, not JUDGE you..TELL Something- a SECRET you are keeping, a Grudge you won’t let go of, – …Or release a memory that negatively Affects YOU.. It’s time to “strip” yourself of the Emotional baggage.. .. be it a scar, emotional , physical, sexual, financial, woe or otherwise.

Goal: Revealing it helps you address the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying.

#3) I’m Ballsy– (Do) before the world –

This is an ACTION – DO SOMETHING Unexpected or Unlike YOU. Why not FORGIVE SOMEONE you have been Holding Animosity towards= walk right up to their door..Go on a Zip line., Tell that crush you love them, Kiss the guy, Jump in a pool, Ride a motorcycle. “Stand up in a room and TALK…Do something you have always been afraid to do..

Goal: Taking action helps you overcome your FEAR of it.



#1) Record a Video between 2 minutes – 6 minutes long

#2) Mention 3 people at the end of your video you’ll like to CHALLENGE to record theirs.

#3) Upload your video on your Social Media (Youtube, and Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram anywhere you like to hang out.) Remember you aren’t bold, brave or ballsy until you prove that you are proud of your NAKED TRUTH.

#4) Make sure to use the official hashtag – #IBaredMyChest

#5) Tag your UNSTOPPABLE friends to join in the challenge.

#6) Learn more about the Book/Movement and Authors.

The Guidelines For Your Video:

#1) Introduce yourself by name, reference who you are, what you do (your work, website, etc.) and why you are taking the challenge

#2) Mention if you are bold, brave or ballsy and go ahead to prove it to the world

#3) Challenge 3 of your friends by name and encourage them to join the challenge using the hashtag#IBaredMyChest

P.S: Top 21 Videos with the most views, likes or comments will get a Specially Autographed Copy of the Book – ” I Bared My Chest” from the 21 Authors

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