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BLOG: Do YOU Rock? by Co-Author - Sherry Brier

If you said “yes”, that’s great. If you said, “no”, isn’t it time you began living your life with

passion, enthusiasm, and purpose? Isn’t it time you became the hero of your own life?

Isn’t it time for you to say, “I rock!”

We’re so used to seeing big headlines. The news isn’t news unless it’s about big money,

big violence, big sex, big stars. Big, big, big! All of that makes us feel diminished. And

as women we already deflect any praise for our accomplishments. When someone compliments us or says we did a great job, what do we say? “Oh, it’s nothing.” Or “I had

a lot of help.” Or “Anyone could have done it.” That is not the response of a woman who


In my work with women, I see the huge amount of womanpower that’s being kept under

lids of being nice, modest, and supportive of everyone but ourselves. I spend a lot of

time saying, “Go girl. Do it. Yes you can.” But women are just not hearing it. Why?

Do we want to be invisible and not take responsibility, so we won’t fail or be blamed? Do we think it’s safe to believe we can’t affect change? Is that really a safer place? I think

it’s just a slower death.

Maybe we don’t even know what we want because we’ve buried our own desires so

deep and can no longer hear the quiet voice of our intuition. How then can we discover

why we were put here on earth—beyond being a good daughter, mother, wife, or worker

bee? How do we find out who we really are?

I used to take private dance lessons with my teacher at her home studio. Once again I

was standing with her in front of the mirror complaining that I was too old, too fat, and

too clumsy to become the beautiful dancer I hoped to be.

She told me the first great obstacle to achieving one’s dreams comes from having a

poor self-image—feeling that you’re not good enough or don’t deserve to have the life

you dream about. “Self-esteem is the number one ingredient in creating a curry of life,”

she’d say as the aromas of spices—cinnamon, cumin, and saffron wafted from her

kitchen. She’d often use cooking metaphors as a way to make a point. She’d tell me I

had to cook up an inner curry—the ingredients being confidence, self-love, and a pinch

of worthiness. “You’d support a loved one in any way you could,” she’d say. “You have

to give yourself the same encouragement, love, and attention you’d give to them. But

you must begin now; nothing happens in the future.”

So, all you rockin’ women, this is the time to re-call our selves from the land of the

invisible. Now is the time to be daring, dazzling, and divine. Now is the time to be



Sherry Brier

Founder of

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