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BLOG: Karma Teaches Lessons Which The Justice System is NOT Able to... by Jyoti Tiwari

I have been pondering about recent developments in my life. I started coaching people in relationship crisis . I also started working as trainer too, recently conducting a seminar on whats app ( whatsappinar ) for sexual harassment at the workplace .

I'm excited that My Bestselling Hindi book "ANUURAG" is now available in English too.

As you know that my late brother's wife filed fake cases on us . Me and my family decided to settle those cases by paying her as there was no other way.

As per the law, she is legally wedded wife to my late brother ( whether she took responsibility as wife or not ) so she has a right over his insurance money.

Earlier , a 50-50 split was decided between my mother and my brother's wife. But my brother's wife created drama in the courtroom and said she wanted 60% otherwise she will not take back the cases of domestic violence.

We had to bow down to her demands so we agreed.

Finally terms and conditions signed and we are free from the cases.

I am leaving her to karma. Karma teaches lessons which justice system is not able to teach.


Jyoti Tiwari

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