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Co-Author, SharRon Jamison Helps People To Soar Higher in a Latest Feature on Huffington Post

“First in Flight”: Soaring Against Winds While Dominating Market Trends

In today’s multi-faceted business world, there must be a rhythm of readiness when monitoring the market in order to quickly detect and respond to changes in customer demands, customer needs, demographic shifts as well as unexpected, but welcomed, marketing opportunities.

SharRon Jamison, The Life Strategist, and CEO of The Jamison Group provides global leadership and empowerment coaching and training. Years ago, her industry was dominated by live events and one-to-one coaching. However, the market has changed and now on-line training and one-to-many coaching programs are dominating the coaching space. The coaching market is demanding that you specialize, customize and collaborate in new ways to gain visibility, market share and profitability. There are new types of coaching models, applications and practices that are changing the nature of the coaching practice. In addition, companies are demanding different types of metrics to evaluate the ROI of their training dollars.

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