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Co-Author - Suzie Carr, Gets Ready to Move over to "The Curvy Side of Life"

Suzie Carr is currently working on the release of her twelfth novel, "The Curvy Side of Life". This is a book that centers around embracing life’s curves and realizing that opportunity exists on the other side of any challenging bend in the road.

Additionally, Suzie was recently elected Director of Membership for the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS). In this role she will work with the rest of the board directors to ensure all GCLS members feel welcomed and a part of an exciting organization dedicated to the education, promotion, and recognition of lesbian literature.

Furthermore, Suzie continues to work with aspiring writers through her Writer’s Insights Video Series, a free educational tool available at

She is writing and producing new videos to add to the series, taking concepts and lessons she’s learned through the years as a novelist and sharing them with others. Lastly, Suzie is excited to be working on a gift book called In the Company of Sunshine that is a compilation of essays and photography from award-winning artist Amanda Robinson.

Stay tuned for more adventures.

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